Take a Seat…

Although Olivia (our Head Magician and Boss Lady) founded Livcom to extend her renowned Marketing Magic to clients throughout South Africa, our Brand has become more than that.


Bigger. Better. Bolder.


No matter where you live in our wide world of wonder, we waive a few magic wands and help you achieve your Marketing and Business Growth Goals.


You’re invited to connect with our Livcom Team and prepare to be WOW‘ed as you take a seat at our Magic Marketing Table. Have a cuppa with us, and enjoy some seriously savvy conversations about boosting your business!

Fast & Friendly

It’s a little magical, really: working with such a dynamic Team. Let’s help you strategize, create, analyze, design and DO. Both online and off: we’ve got you.


Creative Consulting

We consult in a 1:1 capacity with Solopreneurs and Start-Ups, as well as with big brands throughout Gauteng. Let’s pull a few hat tricks together!

Experience is Everything

The magic happens in the extra mile, so we summon our collective experience to channel a magical potion of 5* service, creativity, knowledge and love for our Clients – you’ll see!

Flexible Budgeting

Once we’ve enjoyed our 1st Magic Strategy Session and we understand your Goals (so we LIVE them, too), we design a custom package to suit your budget. ‘Impossible is Nothing’ with Livcom!


Happy Clients & Connections


Reasons to Make your Marketing come ALIVE


Shows & Live Events


BIG Purpose Driving our Team

Why Choose Livcom?

Done FOR You, and WITH You

Step by step, we hold your hand throughout your revitalized Marketing Journey. Prepare to be dazzled with big RESULTS… and even better REVENUE.

Commitment to Clients First – Always

Our dedication to your growth and success is unwavering. We wear our Creative Genius hats with pride, waive our magic marketing wands, and LIVE to delight!

Modern-Day Marketing… the Right Way

There’s no “one size fits all” in our world. We create the right blend of assets, brand enhancement, clicks, impressions, reach, engagement, analytics, strategy, content, copywriting and creative magic for YOU.


Struggling to Get Started?

We have the Magic Marketing Mix for You

Maybe you’re looking to expand a more traditional 5P Marketing Mix, or you’re looking to come ALIVE with 9 or more… Either way, our collective Livcom Team from around the country will design the right magic potion and content strategy for your business. It’ll be unique. Just like YOU!

Magic Tips to Transform your Marketing… for Good!

Using Content to Create a 7-Figure Business

Doing all the right things, but your business isn’t growing? Then click the button below, and request our Tip Sheet on how to market your business with a R0.00 Ad Budget. Enjoy our Bonus: some ‘real life’ examples for any industry!

8 Reasons to Become a Podcast Guest

The rise in Podcast growth is clear… 69% of listeners are now tuning in to 3-5 shows per week. Being a Podcast Guest is (usually) FREE, so why not add that to your Magic Marketing Mix?!

6 Tips to Knock Out your Email Marketing Challenges!

If your Email Marketing is giving you grief, ask for our easy Troubleshooting Tips to boost your Email Strategy and Conversion Ratios.

Confused about who should be in your Social Media Team?

Click the button below, and ask for our Tips on what your IDEAL Social Media Team should look like! Hint: it’s more than just a few pretty faces…

Below: a few of the companies we enjoy working with on a regular basis: 


‘The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.’

Tom Fishburn