About Us

Our Story


The Informal Story:

Livcom was founded because of a DREAM that a serial entrepreneur held dear to her heart.


The Professional Story:

Olivia Hutton, our Head Marketing Magician, has been playing in both the Online and Offline Marketing spaces for over 15 years already.


She’s founded two other businesses, oversees a large Passion Project (Boss Lady Network SA), and guides a corporate team to greater heights as they travel around South Africa. 


With her partner at her side, Olivia leads the collective Livcom Team with courage, tenacity and genuine love for the marketing game. Her relentless pursuit in helping others build their businesses by taking their marketing to the Next Best Level is what keeps Livcom grounded in consistency, creativity and sustainability. 


Although Olivia wears many hats at any time of day, there’s one BIG Purpose which drives her passion to succeed as a Leading Lady in South Africa: her desire to Give Back…


To help others LIVE their entrepreneurial dreams… To find the MAGIC in life again! 


Our Team


Because of our established history in the marketing space, we’ve engaged a highly trained selection of Core Team Members who are based nationwide.


In today’s modern times, working online from anywhere in the world is easy… And it’s a big part of how we bring the magic to YOU!


All members of our Livcom Family are skilled experts in their specific fields such as:


Full-Stack Marketing Strategy & Ideation, Branding Expertise from Start to Finish, SEO & SEM, Website Design & Maintenance, Social Media Marketing & Management, Custom Content Design & Curation, Data & Analytics Reporting, Email Marketing Specialists and Experiential Marketing.


If you’re looking for a smooth journey that breathes LIFE back into your marketing, here’s where you start.


No matter the stage of your current enterprise or business idea, let’s enjoy a cuppa coffee and see how we can get you to the Next Level. 


(PS – YES: we do Online coffee dates, too, so let’s set one up!) 



Our Mission

To help entrepreneurs achieve their goals by bringing the Marketing Magic to boost their long-term business growth.


Our Purpose

To help others LIVE their Dream Life. (The one where all the magic happens – not the “struggle, stress ‘n strain” life…) 


Our Values 

Understanding our Core Values is a great way to get to know what every member of our Livcom Family stands for:


  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Value
  • Creativity
  • Omni-channel ideation
  • Magical service


Some FUN:

Watch this powerful video about why you should always be dreaming BIG. Why having clarity in your Goals (including your Marketing Goals!) is essential to living a great life…


And why the only way to fall, is forward:


The Bottom Line?  We Exist to Help You.

To bring the right Marketing Magic to your table. To help you grow your business, expand your reach, and build

your dreams. It’s time to LIVE with Livcom!

Why Choose Livcom?

For Creativity at its Best

Let’s be real: you can’t make it in today’s world without a little creative genius! Allow us to bring the magic to your marketing, and stand OUT.

We’re Obsessed with Results

Producing the fruits with tangible results is everything to us. From greater reach to higher conversion ratios in strategically targeted campaigns, you’ve got it with Livcom!

From Average to Awesome… Guaranteed

It’s more than just marketing… We’ll empower and motivate you in ways you never thought possible. We take you from “Impossible” to “Awesome” in no time!


Why fit in, if you were born to Stand OUT?